Legal Help

There are many resources available in the SelfServe Center to assist you in preparing your case. The staff will attempt to help you as much as possible using the available resources.  Staff may answer questions about court procedures, filing fees and community resources.  Staff may not give legal advice or look over your completed forms for errors. Only attorneys are allowed to give legal advice. If at any time you have a legal question seek the advice of an attorney.

Resource Library

The SelfServe Center welcomes you to visit the reference library located on the 3rd floor of the Mecklenburg County Courthouse. Research tools including North Carolina General Statutes, Local Domestic Rules, North Carolina Rules of Court, and Black’s Law Dictionary are available for public use. Computer stations are also available for blocks of time for online research. Additionally, a resource directory is available to assist in locating the appropriate services within the community.

Not only does the SelfServe Center offer its patrons community resources, it also provides reference information to facilitate an environment of learning and to make the legal process easier for customers who elect to represent themselves.

North Carolina Statutes

The North Carolina General Assembly offers access to the Statutes on the Internet as a service to the public. You can search for any specific state statutes, go to NC General Statutes.

Strong’s North Carolina Index

Strong’s NC Index is a collection of volumes that contain the primary law of North Carolina, along with related references to secondary law. It also includes the most recent developments the state’s constitution, statutes, and court rules.

Black’s Law Dictionary

Black’s Law Dictionary is the most widely used legal glossary in the United States. It is a comprehensive and highly recommended legal reference tool.

Reference Notebooks

The SelfServe Center understands completing legal documents may raise some questions for litigants representing themselves in court. For this reason, the Center offers reference materials that serve as a guide to filling out court documents. The Center has reference notebooks in the following areas:

  • (Uncontested) Absolute Divorce
  • Child Custody or Visitation
  • Non-Parent Child Custody
  • Adult or Minor Name Change
  • Summary Ejectment
  • Domestic Violence


The SelfServe Center has forms and instructions for only the most common problems.  The Center does not fax or mail packets.  Packets may be picked up in the Center or downloaded from the web site.  If you are not sure which forms to use or if the forms provided do not address your particular situation or need, you should seek the assistance of an attorney.

The Center provides legal forms with instructions to initiate or answer certain legal claims.   Please remember that the court is a very formal place with a distinct language and set of rules.  If you choose to bring your problem to court without an attorney, you must plan on spending many hours preparing your case and learning the court rules.  You are expected to know and follow the law just like an attorney. Court employees are not allowed to review your forms for legal sufficiency.  However, you may be eligible to schedule a consultation with a volunteer attorney to review your paperwork through the Attorney for the Day program.

You are encouraged to take advantage of free legal clinics, educational videos and attorney consultations to ensure that you complete the legal forms accurately and completely. If you download forms from the web, make sure you print out all of the forms and the correct number of copies needed.

SelfServe Business Center

  • Computers/Printer

    The SelfServe Center provides computers and printers that are to be used for legal research and case information. Customers may use the computers to electronically fill-out court documents, to view our education videos, or just to learn more about their case. The Center also provides a printer from which customers can print their documents free of charge.

  • Telephone

    The SelfServe Center provides telephones that customers may use to make local calls.

  • Yellow/White Pages

    You can refer the SelfServe Center’s copy of the yellow pages to find information on local businesses.

Larry King’s Clubhouse

Larry King’s Clubhouse: Children’s Play and Care Center, Inc. is a free, drop-in childcare center for children between the ages of 6 weeks and 12 years of age whose family members are conducting business at the courthouse or serving as jurors.

Operating hours for the on-site childcare center are 8:00 am until 5:00 pm, with an hour recess at lunchtime when court is not in session. Reservations are encouraged and can be made by calling (704) 686-0285.