Attorney for the Day Program

The Attorney for a Day program offers eligible pro se or “self-representing” litigants a 30-minute free legal consultation with a local attorney. The program is offered to those customers who are in need of help that the clinics alone could not provide.

This program is designed to aid litigants initiating an action for custody and/or visitation or absolute divorce. The attorney may review legal pleadings for accuracy and completeness, provide advice and counsel regarding court procedures, and refer litigants to legal resources.

To participate in the program, litigants should:

  1. Visit the SelfServe Center to receive a packet.
  2. Sign up and attend one of the free clinics on absolute divorce, child custody, and visitation (described above)
  3. Meet income eligibility for the program
  4. Sign up free a 30-minute consultation with a practicing attorney